Taema Mynx


1. How long have you been dancing in SL? 7 years.

2. What made you decide to be a dancer or a director?

It was a natural decision for me as I started my SL journey as a Gorean dancing slave and as many friends moved from Gorean dancing to mainstream dancing curiosity got the best of me.

3. What is your favorite part of dance? Choreography and researching music and costumes.

4. Other places that you dance and/or direct at: Mynx Dance Company, Burlesque Dolls and Elysium. I dance at special shows on occasions for example: Web’s Showcase or Paul’s Military Vet Shows.

5. Why you enjoy dancing for Phoenix?
There are a few reasons why I enjoy dancing at Phoenix. First, the other choreographers who are always willing to share their knowledge. I also enjoy dancing in a beautiful surrounding and Phoenix is one of the most beautiful theater. It is a well run troupe most show are smooth and problems are resolved quickly.

6. What do you like to do outside of dance? I like to write poems and I also enjoy exploring the many beautiful places created by talented people on SL. However, Kyser and I have a home and children so that is another part of our SL.

7. What was you favorite dance that you ever danced in or directed? My favorite was a dance that Kyser and I both worked on. I did the choreography to the wonderful stage he built. The dance was called “Infinity” and was actually the first dance we created for Phoenix.

Kyser Taema INFINITY_014