Niecho Vollmar

Phoenix Dancer Niecho

1. How long have you been dancing in SL?

I hopped on a “mover” for the first time at a practice in the Spring of 2017. I later joined a team and started dancing that summer. By October of 2017, I was busily working, creating my OWN dances, bringing what I, myself, “see” to the stage.

2. What made you decide to be a dancer or a director?

Friends at a club where I was a host were involved in dancing for troupes. Interesting, artistic, passionate people: I loved their energy. One day, a guy could not make a practice, and they asked me “to ride a mover”, to do a run-through of one of the choreographer’s dances for an upcoming show. The entire process was intriguing, and about a week later, I went to my first show– I was hooked! I thought, “Maybe later, they’ll let me dance with the team? I could never create those because they are detailed and elaborate, but maybe I could dance?” When a spot opened up, I was allowed to join. A few months later, I toyed with the idea that maybe I COULD learn to do choreography. I asked Aryanna Drakken to teach me, and she sat me down, explained how the tools worked, and I dove in! Yes, I DOVE in– my first dance creation was a couples dance. It was challenging, but I love the challenge of doing what people tell me I cannot do.

3. What is your favorite part of dance?

Dreaming out loud– seeing how it will all look in my head once I find a song that pulls at me. I love developing the concept and figuring out HOW it can be created.

4. Other places that you dance and/or direct at:

I’m inactive at this time and teaching choreography to two aspiring directors so I don’t get too rusty skill-wise. We all need breaks at times! Additionally, I am focused on DJing, working with a few friends in the fashion industry who are wanting to open a club later, and simply out and about enjoying myself and my downtime.

5. Why you enjoy dancing for Phoenix?

The rapport and the fun, of course! I’ve been a guest at other venues, and where there are some enjoyable elements that each troupe brings, Phoenix Dance Team members genuinely care about one another. You can relax, joke, carry on backstage. If a person runs into an issue, people jump in to assist. It’s not lip-service when a member says, “Hey, if you run into trouble with [XYZ], let me know, and I’ll help.” They actually DO. Several of us have each other’s cell phone numbers and can depend on each other for support outside of the dance community in our real lives as well.

6. What do you like to do outside of dance?

I enjoy hitting up the clubs, going surfing, horseback riding, “road hugs” on my motorcycles, exploring sims and areas, and amateur photography (mostly profile pics for friends). I’ve learned to DJ now and have eclectic tastes in music, so it makes for rather interesting sets! When I am not doing these, you’ll usually find me hanging out with friends, laughing and joking, or watching different shows or movies (my favs are horror, fantasy, and rom-coms).

7. What was you favorite dance that you ever danced in or directed?

I’ve danced in so many incredible dances really! It would be impossible to narrow it down to just one or two! It’s not a cop-out. There really are TOO many to name!

But being that I am transgendered and have struggled with who and what I am during my earlier years, I feel a special connection to “SKIN” by Sixx A.M. I’d heard the song before but it never really heard it, really “registered” it really other than it being a really good song. Then one day, I heard it– REALLY heard it– again while casually listening to music, and it just HIT me, something clicked and it HAD to be done. I built the set in one day and arranged the choreography the next day– and cried the entire time I created it. It felt like opening my heart and bleeding on stage! Was such a release! And it was all the more special that my brother, another remarkable choreographer, Fafnir, danced with me in its debut for Men In Motion’s PRIDE show in 2018.