Fafnir – Phoenix Dance Performance

Director: Fafnir Kiranov
Song: Give Me Love
Dancers: Fuku – Muse – Fafnir – JP – Zach

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Muse Baily – Phoenix Dance Performance

Director: Muse Baily
Song: The Voice
Dancers: Fuki – SoCo – Muse

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Men In Motion Information

MIM - November 2017

Written by 

Men in Motion needs YOU!

This year the MiM Movember fundraiser,  will be held in Men in Motion’s brand new venue!  Sebastain Bourne has stepped up the Movember fundraising game a bit and has built an installation with a full size stage, vendor space and party area!

But the really cool part?!

Sebastain has reached out to the Movember Foundation and now they are working on coming into Second Life and setting up an official presence, much like Relay For Life!  The Foundation has been amazed at what has so far been accomplished in our world here, but hadn’t even thought of taking their campaign virtual until they were contacted.  The Foundation has sent Sebastain information that he has brought into SL to help spread the word even further, to let the virtual words know exactly what it is that they do.  Sebastain is proud to let everyone know that the Men in Motion Movember Fair fundraiser in SL is fully sanctioned by the RL Movember Foundation!

How can you help?

By volunteering, of course!  There are anywhere from two to four events scheduled for the duration of the 11 day campaign and Men in Motion is looking “for a few good men” (and women!) to DJ, choreograph(men only for the choreo) and be game show contestants, there’s even a drag queen fashion show!  😀

If you’d like sign-up informatioin, thank you VERY much and here is your list of contacts:

To participate in the AUCTION:   SouthernComfort Magic
 (There will be 12 auctionees)

To participate in the GAME SHOW:  Amethyst Starostin
(“Movemberwood Squares”)

To participate in the MiM STAGE SHOWSouthernComfort Magic
(Space is limited!)

To participate in the DRAG FASHION SHOWSebastain Bourne
(Oh la la)

To participate  as  a  DJSouthernComfort Magic
( AM & PM Slots )

      To participate  as  a  MERCHANT/VENDOR: JMB Balogh
 (% of sales donated to MF)

Movember Foundation is an international organization founded in Australia in 2004, they operate within 21 countries as of today.

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New Phoenix Dance Team Picture

thumbnail_Phoenix Fall 2017

SouthernComfort Magic – Sebastain Bourne – Lily Pussycat – Ame Starostin
Litz Pobieski – JP Damien – Fafnir Kiranov – Vanity Black
Tray Porthos – Troy Trallis – Sassy Trallis – Hunter Zarco
Muse Baily – Ray Lobo – Zach Starostin – Kyser Mynx
Taema Mynx – Fukuju Amaterasu – Caranora Bravin – Nadi Zsun

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Phoenix Dance Team Flickr Website

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated our Flickr account.. so I decided today was the day I was going to do it.. now.. as soon as Flickr gets off it’s hiney and fixes my main display page with our new dance team photo.. then I’ll be happy.. Enjoy and please take whatever you’d like for your own collection.

Phoenix Dance Team Flickr Page

~ SoCo

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Phoenix Dance Team Owner and Officers – October 10th, 2017

SoCo Profile Size Grayscale

Owner: SouthernComfort Magic

Phoenix Dancer Seb

Officer: Sebastain Bourne

Dancer Lily

Officer: Lily Pussycat

Phoenix Dancer Ame

Officer: Ame Starostin

Phoenix DJ Cara

Phoenix DJ – Caranora Bravin


Phoenix DJ – Vlad Drakul-Dragonash

Phoenix Photographer

Phoenix Photographer – Deb Bury


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Phoenix Performance – September 23rd, 2017

Sept 23 show 1Sept 23 show

Director: Litz – “Teddy Bear Picnic” by Anne Murray
Dancers: Litz, Sassy, Hunter, Troy, Zenith

Sept 23 show 2Sept 23 show 4Sept 23 show 5

Director: Nadi – “Winter Dream” by Amadeus
Dancers: Nadi, Ray, Zach

Sept 23 show 6Sept 23 show 7Sept 23 show 8

Director:  Lily – “One of These Nights” by The Eagles
Dancers: Fuki, Lily, Taema, Fafnir, Kyser, Troy

Sept 23 show 9Sept 23 show 10Sept 23 show 11

Special Guest Director: Eva Harley “Echos In Rain” by Enya
Dancers: Eva, Misha, Rose

Sept 23 show 12Sept 23 show 13Sept 23 show 14

Director: Ray – “Dust In The Wind” REMIX (FUNKYMIX) by Kansas
Dancers: Hunter, Kyser, Ray, Troy, Zach, Zenith

Sept 23 show 15Sept 23 show 16Sept 23 show 17

Director: Taema – “Namaste” by unknown
Dancers: Ame, Lily, Litz, Nadi, Taema

Sept 23 show 19Sept 23 show 20

Director: Lily – “Toys in the Attic” by Aerosmith
Dancers: Lily, Sassy, Fafnir, Kyser

Sept 23 show 21Sept 23 show 23Sept 23 show 24

Director: Ame & Zach – “FunknRoll” by Prince
Dancers: Ame, Fuki, Sassy, Zach, Zenith


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