October 7th, 2017 – Phoenix Dance Team Performance

Oct 7 show 1Oct 7 show 2Oct 7 show

Director: Muse – “The Voice” by Celtic Women
Dancers: Fuki, Muse, SoCo

Oct 7 show 3Oct 7 show 4Oct 7 show 5

Director: Vanity – “Too Damn Hot” by Alice Francis
Dancers: Ame, Litz, Muse, Nadi, Vanity, Fafnir, JP, Kyser, Seb, Tray

Oct 7 show 6Oct 7 show 8Oct 7 show 9

Director: Fafnir – “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran
Dancers: Fuki, Litz, Fafnir, JP, Zach

Oct 7 show 11Oct 7 show 12Oct 7 show 13Oct 7 show 14

Special Guest Director: Ayita – “Toxic” by District 78 ft. Chelsea
Dancers: Ayita, Carlee, Jo, Nalani, SoCo

Oct 7 show 15Oct 7 show 16Oct 7 show 17

Director: Seb – “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars
Dancers: Lily, Kyser, Seb

Oct 7 show 18Oct 7 show 19

Director: JP – “Hallelujah” by Pentatonix
Dancers: Fafnir, JP, Kyser, Tray, Zach

Oct 7 show 20Oct 7 show 21Oct 7 show 22

Guest Director: Misha – “Down With Sickness” by Disturbed
Dancers: Eva, Delaney, Misha, Seb, Tray, Tristan

Oct 7 show 23Oct 7 show 24Oct 7 show 25

Director: Taema – “Run the World” by Beyonce
Dancers: Ame, Nadi, Taema

Oct 7 show 26Oct 7 show 27Oct 7 show 28

Director: Lily – “Mr Bojangles” by Sammy Davis Jr
Dancers: Lily, Vanity, Fafnir, JP, Seb, Zach

Oct 7 show 29Oct 7 show 30Oct 7 show 32

Director: SouthernComfort Magic – Angel By The Wings
Dancers: SoCo, Tray, Lily, Ame, Vanity, Taema

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