Phoenix Performance – September 23rd, 2017

Sept 23 show 1Sept 23 show

Director: Litz – “Teddy Bear Picnic” by Anne Murray
Dancers: Litz, Sassy, Hunter, Troy, Zenith

Sept 23 show 2Sept 23 show 4Sept 23 show 5

Director: Nadi – “Winter Dream” by Amadeus
Dancers: Nadi, Ray, Zach

Sept 23 show 6Sept 23 show 7Sept 23 show 8

Director:  Lily – “One of These Nights” by The Eagles
Dancers: Fuki, Lily, Taema, Fafnir, Kyser, Troy

Sept 23 show 9Sept 23 show 10Sept 23 show 11

Special Guest Director: Eva Harley “Echos In Rain” by Enya
Dancers: Eva, Misha, Rose

Sept 23 show 12Sept 23 show 13Sept 23 show 14

Director: Ray – “Dust In The Wind” REMIX (FUNKYMIX) by Kansas
Dancers: Hunter, Kyser, Ray, Troy, Zach, Zenith

Sept 23 show 15Sept 23 show 16Sept 23 show 17

Director: Taema – “Namaste” by unknown
Dancers: Ame, Lily, Litz, Nadi, Taema

Sept 23 show 19Sept 23 show 20

Director: Lily – “Toys in the Attic” by Aerosmith
Dancers: Lily, Sassy, Fafnir, Kyser

Sept 23 show 21Sept 23 show 23Sept 23 show 24

Director: Ame & Zach – “FunknRoll” by Prince
Dancers: Ame, Fuki, Sassy, Zach, Zenith


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