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The Avilion Merballet Company Performance – March 18th & 25th

The Avilion MerBallet Company premiers an Avilion original merballet – THE GUARDIANS story by Giles N. Hawker script and stage director: Bajoy Dramaturge creative director and sets: Theta Marseille choreography: Theta Marseille and Fafnir Kiranov costumes: JP Damien narration: Siric … Continue reading

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Phoenix Performance – January 14th, 2017

With a much needed break and enjoying the holiday’s .. The Phoenix Dance Team were back in full force for their opening show for 2017. Some directors honored the late George Michael with a dance that moved many in the … Continue reading

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Men In Motion Show – January 21st, 2017

What is better to do than on a Saturday afternoon but head on down to the Elysium Cabaret Theater to watch some very amazing and extremely attractive men take to the stage as they show us just how well they … Continue reading

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