The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

Winds of the Sahara Sign

The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret is the home of some of the best burlesque Performers you will find in Second Life. Every Sunday at 5 PM SLT, we open the curtains for another show filled with wonderful music, breathtaking sets, amazing dance routines and costumes that will tickle your wildest imagination! Whether you’re just curious to see what it’s all about or a seasoned burlesque fan, The Winds is the place to be! And now you can keep up to date on the Cabaret and our other events by following this blog right here by Bookmarking this site. The Seating is limited and does fill up quickly. Best to arrive before show time to be sure you will get in the sim.

Immediately after the show we host a after party with music and dancing, plan some free time to hang out on the rooftop with the Performers & Staff.

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The Winds History

The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret First appeared in the middle of the “Falorir” desert, Early in the year of 2013. Opening the doors on April 14th of 2013 for the first time with just a hand full of strangers we found roaming the desert. Little did we know back then those few strangers would become part of our family. Since that time we have grown from a few to several performers, from no one knowing who we are to one of the best burlesque cabarets in second life. Twenty months into The Winds bringing you show after show, we got word of a rapid moving sand storm coming our way. We quickly packed up the camels and headed into the mountains to wait out the storm. Grabbing what little we could we reached the Mountains just in time. We waited out the storm in a small cave for safety. A few days later when the Storm had passed we emerged from the cave discovering that we were in the mountains called ” Mineral Mountain” after studying our star maps. We headed out in search for the Winds when we came upon this large dwelling that appeared out of thin air. Until we reached the dwelling we were sure it was just an oasis, reaching the entrance we realized this was a real place and quickly searched around for anyone before claiming it as the Winds. Later that same year in 2015 another Winds of change occured and woke up to find that the water had shifted so we were now on a coast line vs in the middle of barren desert or is it just an oasis. Either way we are now calling a Place in Dream Coast home for the Winds.

Owned and Operated by

Meegan & Rebecca Dembo

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